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Professional battery chargers and adapters that integrate intelligent charging method that avoids overcharging


Dual V-Lock or Gold Mount charger and AC adapter

Charges 2 batteries simultaneously

LED display for charging status 


AC power: 110-240V | 50-60Hz

Power output: 16.8V - 3A when charging 1 battery

Power output: 16.8V - 2A when charging 2 battery

DC output: 16.5V - 4.5A | 75W

Weight 1150 g

Size 140 x 100 x 225 mm


4 V-Lock charger and AC Adapter


Charges 4 batteries simultaneously
LED Display for charging status

AC power:
Power output:



Quick dual battery charger that can be used for cameras running from 3.8V to 7.4V


Backlit display to see in the dark

Intelligent charging method

Includes charger, DC car power cable, AC power card

Plugs options: Euro|US|UK|AU

Dimentions 122 x 110 x 40 mm


Different model charger:

DGT-2LED BPU - for Sony BP-U60

DGT-2LED WBD - for Panasonic VW-VBD58|59

DGT-2LED NPF - for Sony HP-F550|750|970

DGT-2LED BPC - for Canon BP-955|975

DGT-2LED LP - for Sony LP-E6


Battery plates used in LED-1 and LED-2 chargers


S-PL-BPU for Sony BP-U30|U60|U90

S-PL-NPF for Sony NP-F550|750|960|70|90

S-PL-FP for Sony NP.FP50|70|90 NP-FH50|70|100 NP-FV50|70|100

C-PL-BPC for Canon BP-915|930|930G|945|950G|970G|975

C-PL-LP for Canon LP-E6

C-PL-BPA for Canon BP-A30|60|90

P-PL-VBD for Panasonic VW-VBD29|58|78 D54S

P-PL-VBG for Panasonic VB-G6


Power 8.4V | 16.8V - 1.5Ah

Size 47 x 68 x 13mm

Weight: 17 g


Single battery D-Tap charger cable

Charger cable for all types of batteries that have D-Tap output


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